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Nineteen year old Media student in her second year. Lives in Melbourne in a shoebox on top of a college block. Majors in Radio/Sound Production because it's one of the few Media subjects she can take and not be surrounded by Media Snobs™. Also because she gets to record stuff and shit.

Is short, with hair, eyes and various additional features. Is a geek for music, but without being a music snob. Tends to enjoy indie/alternative music but can't stand the pretensious indie hipster crap that surrounds it. Because of this, she'll occasionally dismiss popular indie bands without giving herself time to decide whether she likes them or not. Which sucks because then she has to eat her words. She does that a lot, actually.

Life ambitions include owning an apartment/house so she can buy a real bonsai tree, learning a foreign language and collecting enough concert ticket stubs to wallpaper a room of said apartment/house. She'd also like to walk up to a random stranger, yell "VAMPIRE SOCKPUPPETS!" and bite them on the neck.